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NHIS/Health Insurance Patients

You are welcome to MSH for your primary, secondary and tertiary care. An authority to treat/Pre-authorization (PA) code is provided by your Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for cases beyond the primary level. NHIS patient are required to make 10% co-payment for the cost of drugs only. This payment is statutory. Please check that you are correctly billed before you leave the hospital.

Please contact our HMO Manager: 08076748330 for further assistance as regards billing, payment and refunds.

We encourage patients to become familiar with their health insurance benefits before arriving for an appointment and to understand what services require out-of-pocket payment. Some services require out-of-pocket expense while some require co-payment by both patient and HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). You may contact your HMO for detail about benefit coverage or better still, you may contact our HMO Manager: 08076748330 for assistance.

Other Patients

If you are a new private patient, you would be required to make an initial payment for registration and consultation and if you are an existing private patient, you are required to pay for consultation before accessing the facility.

Please note also that if your treatment plan requires admission, you may be obliged to make a guarantee deposit whether you are a new or a existing private patient. You may contact our finance department for the payment option most convenient to you. Your guarantee deposit will be deducted from the final bill. Ensure that you keep receipts of payment for proper billing.

Payment Options

Point of Sale

For payment via Point of Sale Terminal, please ensure that you type your PIN and the amount as in the bill given to you. Ensure that the amount is consistent with the amount on the bill before transaction is initiated. Also, ensure that a copy of payment evidence (receipt) is handed to you before you leave the point of payment.

Payment By Phone

Information for direct payment into Molly Specialist Hospital account can only be given in the hospital.

Billing Protocol

This is the procedure for billing:

New Private Patients
  • Patient enters the hospital
  • Patient pays for registration and consultation
  • Patient accesses care
  • Bill is prepared
  • Patient presents receipts as evidence of payment
  • Reconciliation is done and old payment is deducted from total amount of actual bill
  • Final bill is prepared
  • New receipt is written and original copies of both the receipt and invoice are given to patient
  • Patient leaves happy
  • N.B. 50% of registration fee is charged as renewal fee annually after the initial registration.
  • Thank you for choosing Molly Specialist Hospital
Existing Private Patients

The protocol is same as New Patient but existing patients do not have to pay registration fee again as it is charged once. The only fee that is applicable is annual renewal fee.

NHIS Patients
  • Patient enters the hospital
  • Patient accesses care
  • Bill is prepared
  • Patient pays 10% co-payment and other charges which are not covered under the scheme (Contact the HMO department for details about Partial and Total Exclusions.
  • Patient leaves happy
  • N.B. For cases requiring admission, patient is covered for 21 days (cumulative) in a year. Any admission above this stipulated period (21 days) attracts admission fee per marginal day.
  • Thank you for choosing Molly Specialist Hospital