MSH Cardiac Service has been designed to control the risks of heart disease in our patients. We have a bi-monthly programme where we receive patients with varying degrees of heart-related issues including hypertension. We believe our patients require regular monitoring and education for proper management of their health.

These services aim to help people with heart-related diseases learn more about their condition, how to manage it and how to reduce the risk of further problems in the future.

Cardiac Outpatient Service Timetable:
Cardiology Clinic

Day: First and Last Tuesday of the month
Time: 8:00a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Centre: Molly Specialist Hospital – Idi-Ape


We run a 24-hour service. Our old and new patients are expected to visit our Records Dept for data capture/registration. This must however be done 30 minutes before appointment time. If you foresee a possibility that you might not be able to come for your appointment, please, endeavour to cancel the appointment 24 hours before due date. Appointment not cancelled 24 hours before appointment time attracts a charge. Click here to cancel your appointment or call: 08077122644 to speak to Appointment Schedule Officer.

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