One of the greatest achievements of the Nigerian government through the Federal Ministry of Health in the year, 2014 was the containment of the dreaded disease called EBOLA Viral Disease (EVD). It was a wake-up call to all medical practitioners in the country to commit all resources (both human and material) to the war against the plague.

Molly Specialist Hospital, renowned for being forward-looking, was not left out in the fight against EBOLA. Both medical and non-medical personnel of the hospital were fully armed against possible outbreak of the dreaded disease through sensitization, information and training. Patients and visitors were also sensitized on personal hygiene and disease prevention through print materials and audio-visual displays. Fortunately, there was no Ebola case found in Ibadan or Oyo State of Nigeria.

At one of the training programmes, a question-and-answer session was anchored by a team of highly resourceful medical experts in September, 2014. For details,
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Electronic Hospital Management System

Effective from November 1, 2014 MSH goes live with Electronic Hospital Management System—A software specifically designed to reduce waiting time, enhance service delivery and promote patient-centred care.
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As part of its resolve to ensure high quality patient-centred medical care, the management of Molly Specialist Hospital, through its Human Resource Department conducted training programme to develop its personnel for higher productivity and improved service delivery. This was in a bid to ensure every patient having encounter with the hospital has a very pleasant experience and perception of quality service.

On Thursday, September 4, 2014, Molly Specialist Hospital in conjunction with a team of seasoned customer relations specialists organized a training session at the conference hall of Molly Specialist Hospital, 6, American Quarters, Yidi, Agodi G.R.A., Ibadan at 8:00 a.m.

Anchored by Mr. Ngobor Kuro John, the seminar was well represented by all the units of the hospital including: medicals, administration, accounts, customer service and other ancillary services.

The seminar themed, “Personal Effectiveness and Customer Service Excellence” was a success as various issues bordering on how a staff can add sizzle to his service delivery in order to make patients have a good experience and favourable perception of the overall service of the hospital was brought to the front burner.

The speaker started by saying that one is made up of one’s personality and character. While your character is the root – that is, your internal qualities; your personality represents the fruits – that is, your external qualities. Your personality is an off-shoot of your character. To better your personality, you have to burnish your internal qualities. If your personality is questionable, then your service is in no doubt questionable.

In order to better understand oneself, the speaker recommended SWOT Analysis. According to him, S and W represent Strengths and Weaknesses. They are controllable variables and are internal to one. O and T on the other hand represent Opportunities and Threats. They are uncontrollable variables and are external to one. Therefore, much emphasis was placed on S and W.

For Strength factors, the following questions could help to improve one’s personality: What advantages do you have? or What do you do better than anyone else? For Weakness factors, the following questions could burnish one’s character: What could you improve on? or What should you avoid?

He further stated that the some expected personality qualities (For example, compassion, empathy, selflessness, self-awareness or emotional intelligence, technical expertise) would help to improve staff’s service delivery and also enhance patients’ perception of the hospital:

Further on effectiveness, the speaker did a comparative study between effective people and incompetent people. According to him, effective people are proactive but incompetent people are negative, that is, they see problems in every opportunity. Effective people begin with the end in mind while incompetent people act before they think. Effective people sharpen their saw while incompetent people try to bring people down to their level.

To cap it up, the speaker defined the word TEAM as Together Everyone Achieves More. TEAM work is one of the tenets around which the success of Molly Specialist Hospital is built. With this in focus, patients can have the much promised patient-centred medical care.