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You are welcome to MSH Pharmacy department.

MSH Pharmacy department provides 24-hour comprehensive pharmaceutical service maintaining a steady supply of medications for our patients. In addition to this routine task, we advice our team of doctors and nurses on safe medication practices, prescription patterns and best alternatives.

Our hospital formulary is updated regularly in keeping with international and national standards. Malaria is endemic. The challenge of offering effective and affordable care necessitates regular monitoring of our treatment outcomes especially among our paediatric age groups.

The present staff of eleven employees including two pharmacists, three pharmacy technicians and six pharmacy assistants provides a decentralized drug distribution service at five locations of the hospital. There are designated service points for the following:

  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Out-patient cases only
  • Organized Private Sector (OPS) Out-patient cases only
  • Private patients Out-patient cases only
  • In-patients
  • Molly Specialist Hospital, Idi-Ape

With a Computer-based Requisition/Order, our formidable team of dedicated professionals and technicians work to ensure there is no out-of-stock situation. The department is responsible for providing pharmacy services to the over 50-bed (and still growing) hospitals.

The five service points of the pharmacy department serves approximately 47,450 visits per year. This includes in-patient and out-patient cases.

General Advice About Medicines