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The following instructions are provided to prepare you for your upcoming surgery. They are tips meant to help you understand the things you need to do or know in preparation for your scheduled surgery. The information provided may not be exhaustive hence; you may need to seek further information and assistance from your doctor for your upcoming operation.

Referral Protocol

  • Your record is verified by the hospital representatives including the Records Manager and/or the HMO Officer/Manager. An appointment for your pre-surgical evaluation is then scheduled.
  • A primary care physician begins the clinical evaluation.
  • Primary care physician orders relevant pre-operative tests.
  • The fixed date for your surgery will be communicated to you. Please feel free to call this number: 08077122644 if 48 hours prior to this date you had not been further contacted.


  • The admitting personnel (a nurse) will discuss your medications during your pre-admission interview.
  • Please ensure you have disclosed any prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines, vitamins, herbs, or supplements you may be taking to the nurse. Bring all bottles of prescription and non-prescription items (if any) to your pre-admission interview and on the day of surgery.
  • You will be instructed on what medicines you should or should not take a few days prior to your surgery. Such medications may include Aspirin or aspirin-containing compounds which could impair the body’s ability to form a clot or control bleeding.
  • Specific instructions relevant to your health status, routine medications and the type of surgery you have been scheduled for will be given you.

The Day Before Surgery

  • Do not eat any solid food or drink any liquids as instructed at the time of your interview. This also includes water, sweet, and chewing gum
  • Do not smoke as this irritates your lungs
  • Do not shave near your surgical site. It irritates your skin and may lead to infection.
  • Please follow all other instructions earlier provided.
  • Please contact the surgery department to validate your arrival time.
  • Surgery Day

  • Please arrive at the hospital at the specified time.
  • Your surgery may come later than or earlier than expected depending on contingencies. As a result, you are advised to arrive early and bring materials to read.
  • Please take your medicines with a very small sip of water If you've been asked to take routine or other medicines on the morning of surgery.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing and flat shoes.
  • Do not bring your jewelry and valuables to the surgery. Leave them at home. If you wear contact lenses, please bring it with you and ensure you remove any body piercings/accessories.
  • If you receive general anesthesia, you will be taken to the Recovery Room for approximately one hour after your procedure.
  • If you are going to be discharged from the hospital after surgery, you will be allowed to go home when you are fully alert.
  • A nurse will review your post-operative instructions and prepare you for discharge from the hospital.
  • Make arrangements for someone to drive you home as you are not considered fit to drive after surgery except your physician instructs otherwise.