molly wellness hospital ibadan nigeria

MSH’s wellness programme is devoted to the promotion of healthy living as well as the prevention of illness and disease. We have a sole aim of achieving optimal overall wellness from preventive care to treatment and management of health issues, thereby treating the body as a whole. We focus on wellness-oriented lifestyle by encouraging individuals to adopt habits and behaviour that promotes better health and an improved quality of life. It helps the individual to take responsibility and make conscious decision to shape a healthy lifestyle.

In recognition of the fact that there needs to be good interplay of one’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs for optimal levels of functioning, our wellness clinic tends to focus on people living with any chronic illness such as Heart disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, Arthritis, Hypertension. Part of the programme also includes medical management, symptom control, and minimization of risk of complications.

We provide medical fitness services which integrate physical conditioning, nutrition education and lifestyle counselling to maximize health conditions by setting fitness goals that are determined more by health risk indicators and functional ability than by muscular physique and physical strength

For further information about our wellness clinic, please contact us at the following centres:


Molly Specialist Hospital
6, American Quarters,
Yidi, Agodi G.R.A.,
+234 807 674 8330


Molly Specialist Hospital
18, Idi-ape,
Iwo Road,
+234 807 674 8334